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Following are the different types of Lotteries available in Kerala.

  1. Pournami Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-Pournami)
  2. Karunya Plus Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-Karunya Plus)
  3. Akshaya Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-Akshaya)
  4. DHANASREE Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-DHANASREE )
  5. WIN-WIN Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-WIN-WIN)
  6. POURNAMI Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-POURNAMI)
  7. BHAGYANIDHI Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-BHAGYANIDHI)
  8. POOJA BUMPER- 2017 Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-POOJA BUMPER- 2017)
  9. SUMMER BUMPER -2017 Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-SUMMER BUMPER -2016)
  10. THIRUVONAM BUMPER-2017 Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-SUMMER BUMPER -2017)
  11. BHAGYANIDHI LOTTERY Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-BHAGYANIDHI LOTTERY -2017)

  12. VISHU BUMPER -2016 Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-VISHU BUMPER -2017)
  13. X`MAS & NEW YEAR BUMPER 2015-2017 Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-Lottery (Kerala Lottery result-X`MAS & NEW YEAR BUMPER 2015-2016) (christmas lottery & new year lottery 2017)

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