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Service Charges

Rate Chart
Services Price Remarks
Limited Bulk
Photocopy 2/side 1/Morethan 1000 pages
Black & White Normal Print 5/side 1/Morethan 1000 pages
Colour Print at normal paper 10/side 5/Morethan 50 pages
Colour print at Photo paper 30/side 20/Morethan 30 pages
Print from whatsapp and other Rs.5 for 1 and Rs. 10 for two
DTP English 30/side 25/side
DTP Malayalam 40/side 30/side
KSEB Bills Rs.10 (upto Rs.1000 amt) Morethan1000, 1%
Water bills Rs.10 (upto Rs.300 amt), Rs.15(upto Rs.1000 amt)
Insurance Premium Rs.10 (upto Rs.1000 amt), Rs.20 (upto Rs.3000 amt) 1% for morethan 3000
PSC apply for one category Rs.10 per each category and maximum Rs. 40/-
PSC Onetime Registration Rs. 80
SSC application Rs. 100 With payment extra
University apply Rs.100 With payment extra
DTH Rs.10
Building Tax Rs.15 upto 300, Rs.20 upto 1000, then 1%
Land tax Rs.15 upto 300, Rs.20 upto 1000, then 1% Below Rs.50, charge -10
KV Fee Rs.50 for 3000, and Rs.60 for 4000
Passport Rs.243 for renewal, fresh
Pancard Rs.200
Aadhaar PVC apply Rs. 30 extra Total – 80
Possession Rs. 50
Income, nativity,community Rs. 40 each
Poly apply Rs. 100
Lamination Rs.20, Rs.50
Bus ticket Booking Rs.50
RD List Rs. 35
KSEB New Application Rs. 80
Biodata Rs.50
Agreement Type Rs.130 with print
Print on agreement paper Rs.20 per page
Scan Rs.5 per page, Minimum Rs.10 per work
Email sending Rs. 10/-
Encumbrance Cert Rs.100/-
Food and safety certificate Rs.100+120
Driving License renewal
Addition in License
Vehicle Tax payment 50 to ….